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As requested, Removing Make-up tips!!
BeautifulBrush's Winter Skin & Make-up Advisory


Hard to remove make-up!!
Winter Skin & Make-up
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As requested, Removing Make-up tips!!

Make-up has many great properties, but nothing beats a bare face.  The sooner you can remove your make-up from a long day the better. Even though the process of taking off your make-up is much easier in comparison than applying your make-up, it's should still be done with care. The removal of make-up is essential to your over all beauty regime and should never leave your skin dehydrated or irritated.  It would be ideal to use cleansing products and moisturizer of all of the same brand.

BeautifulBrush's Winter Skin & Make-up Advisory

Great looking make-up always starts with great skin.  Unfortunately winter has a way of challenging your skin and makeup more than any other season. Here's what you need to know to give your skin the extra care and attention it needs, plus tips on beauty products for achieving the right winter look. 

Cold temperatures, snowy weather, heated rooms, and excessive hot showers to warm you up have a tendency of drying your skin. Your skin is your biggest organ, so whatever is going on inside your body will reflect through your skin.